Jukebox Jury

Is it a hit, or is it a miss?

LIVE at Edinburgh Festival Fringe!
I am very excited to announce officially that Jukebox Jury will be LIVE infront of an IRL audience throughout the month of August as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ) The WORLD'S largest arts festival).

You can come see JUKEBOX JURY at venue number 164: Laughing Horse at Eastside (The Den) at 8:20pm from 2nd Aug - 25th Aug 2024.

All details can be found HERE: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/jukebox-jury-with-helen-wallace

A fundraiser has been set up to help make this happen.  If you would like to contribute, you can HERE: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/93H6y6JViT

As the presenter & producer of Helen's Mixtape, a weekly specialist music radio show focussing mostly on synth-based electronica, I receive a lot of submissions from musicians who want to have their music played on radio.
Unfortunately, I cannot play them all. However, I do think they should all have a chance to be heard, even if they don't quite make it onto mixtape. This is where the idea to launch my version of Jukebox Jury came from. Inspired by the old BBC programme of the same name, I thought it was time to re-vamp this format for the 21st century online. The premise being to randomly select tracks from my email inbox to be critiqued by a Jury panel online. Viewers can join in too by giving their opinions in the comments.
I launched this version of Jukebox Jury in a livestreamed pilot on Twitch and Youtube on the 23rd September 2022.
Jukebox Jury will be broadcast once a month on a Friday, details of which will be published on social media.
I hope you can all tune in!

                                                    Helen Wallace, Oct 2022

Helen Wallace

Host & Juror

Photographer to trade, Music lover at heart. Helen hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and is the host of Helen's Mixtape on 365 Radio. As well as running a photography business full time and presenting/producing a weekly radio show, she manage bands & comedians social media, manages comedians diaries & shows during the Edinburgh Fringe and has also performed her own show there. Helen is a seasoned live streamer, broadcasting on multiple platforms, including several years on the now defunct Periscope platform. She even does the odd bit of singing.

Chris Wiegand


C-Dubs has listened to music since his childhood and appreciates most everything from 70s AMGold to early 30s Jazz to GlitchHop and beyond. His defining moment occurred on February 28th, 1984 when he witnessed Grandmixer D.ST and Herbie Hancock making music history at the Grammys. An aspiring DJ all his life, he’s been collecting the vinyls since 1999 and has sporadically played for local and international audiences. He currently resides in Denver and is desperately trying to officially launch his Twitch channel - RetroMakerTV, where he 3D prints miniature buildings and boombox radios while re-mixing educational and commercial videos from the past.

Jeevanath Sekaran


I work in the Enterntainment business from Vancouver BC Canada. Been in Canada for 30 years. Born in Singapore. I am a dj, live sound engineer, recording & mix master engineer. I am a videographer and editor for television. I am also a professional drummer.

Raimondo Poncé


Father, son, brother, uncle and auntie. Living in Scotland for 15 years. I like music, although massively under-qualified to give an opinion on it - hence my presence on Jukebox Jury. Just a man with a man's courage. Grammar pedant who refuses to check his work through before sneding

Jim Surin


Whenever I hear a song from days gone by, there's a good likelihood I can tell you where I was and what I was doing. I'm always eager to hear that new song that catches my attention. You never know - that new song just may be the next tune I remember the rest of my life. Love going to gigs and music festivals too!

Tru Armor


Bio Coming Soon!

Rick Costa


Born and raised in Connecticut, USA Rick has been singing practically from birth singing every TV jingle as a toddler even if it wasn't in English. Music has always been deeply a part of his life. Singing as a child in church (and learning to read Portuguese that way) and then later joining church choirs and singing publicly to now singing online (from Periscope to Happs to Youtube) every day for the last 7 years Rick has a deep appreciation for various genres of music. He has written and recorded songs as well but they have not yet been released to the general public.

To submit music, please email 320K mp3 quality file Jukebox Jury will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube once a month on a Friday. Times will be confirmed on social media. Find me on bio.link/RadioLeggy for updates